The Wall

Some of you may know that I’ve been hunting street art for many years.  Mostly I find these various size works in and around the Shoreditch area in East London or The Leake Street Tunnel near Waterloo station.  Whenever I travel abroad I always try and find the local street art district with some amazing and well known artists’ work being visible in more than one country it’s always a nice surprise to spot a tag or style from an artist you’ve seen before. My Instagram page has been running since May 2020 and has organically grown to just over 1000 followers.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of course, with the fandom and movement having at least 100 times that in street art fans in the UK and with some Instagram followers having well over 15,000 followers.  I’m not shallow enough to worry about the followers that I get that much but it’s nice that people want to see my photography and my street art hunting efforts.  That for me is the real enjoyment of street art hunting, the not knowing what you’ll find next and with most pieces changing every week, it’s an exciting and constantly evolving outdoor gallery and I also often get a good 15k worth of steps out of each hunt whilst wandering around the streets of EC1, so it’s good for my health too.

Street Art - March 2021

A couple of days ago I was asked if I’d like to see some street art created by Sonia Boyce to cover the wall protecting the new Crossrail line that runs from Abbey Wood and though North Woolwich, Silvertown and Custom House.  This would be the biggest mural in Europe covering an area over 2km long.  This should be interesting to see but  I would always be a bit hesitant however about a corporation getting involved in an artwork project as the amount of bureaucracy and committee meetings often results in something very bland and disappointing. 

Crossrail Art - Sonia Boyce
Crossrail mural
Crossrail Art - Sonia Boyce

The Crossrail version of the Berlin wall certainly needs something to brighten up the area and I’m surprised that street artists or enthusiastic youths with spray cans and no idea haven’t already had a go at it with “Bozzo Woz Ere” but it seems mostly unmolested if just a dirty white wall. The pre-printed panels that are going up ready for the summer 2021 launch are pretty much as I would expect. Mostly a safe hospital style design of a black and white cityscape with flowers along the bottom. The panels are dotted with quotes from local residents and are mostly uninspiring.  One quote did stand out though that I’m stunned actually went through the due diligence and creative process.  The offending element was highlighting the crime and murders in the area. This will do wonders for the house prices I’m sure.

The quote read, 

I love this area North Woolwich. 

I’m glad I was brought up here, it’s like a village. It has a hairdresser, a corner shop, a post office, a library, three parks, a bakery and a pharmacy. 

What else?

There’s the Police Station, there’s a Chinese takeaway.

It has everything all in one small area and everyone knows everyone.

The only negative thing is the crime and the murders, which has been increasing.

This is unfortunate, but other than that everything else is fine.

Also there’s a little beach and you can take a ferry ride.

It’s all so close.

Like a village.’

Crossrail Art - Sonia Boyce
Great place, apart from the crime and murders!

How on earth did that ever get approved? Having seen this I decided to Tweet about it on the @Moliblog Twitter page showing my shock and disappointment at the way Crossrail and the artist can think this a great way to promote the area? 

Moliblog Twitter

Given the reputed £1m+ price tag, I can tell you that local community groups could really use that money post Covid more than hearing that they live in a crime and murder zone. It’s especially insensitive as less than 5 minutes walk away, a shrine is still in place to a young man that was the victim of knife crime. You could argue that the quote was honest and a temporary piece of commentary it would be challenging and inspire change, however as a permanent wall covering it falls short of any decency and consideration for local residents.


Crossrail didn’t reply to my tweet and why would they.  However, after ITV news and The Evening Standard quoted my tweet on their websites, the story did get some momentum and I’m glad to say that Newham Council put out a press release asking for the offending panel to be covered up or removed.  The Crossrail programme manager Jim Crawford appeared in ITV news that night and was frankly clueless about the whole project and claimed he would look into it. 

Crossrail Art - Sonia Boyce

I’m pleased to say that today the panel has been taken down and hopefully something more positive will replace it.  A quote maybe about the power of street art that can bring people together despite a big dividing wall though the borough. At least they don’t have guard towers and searchlights. Yet. 


The Funeral of Margret Thatcher…

The funeral of Margret Thatcher has certainly been a contentious issue and the cost staggering.  Her life and death have divided people across the country and certainly the reported £10,000,000 cost for her funeral is defiantly an expenditure that the country could do without.  However, she has been accorded the honor of a Military Funeral and given that the last former Prime Minister to be honored in this way was Winston Churchill over 60 years ago, I felt the need to attend and witness some history in the making.

The Funeral of Baroness Margret Thatcher

The Funeral of Baroness Margret Thatcher

I was a little concerned that some trouble would break out from protestors but apart from a little shouting nothing really happened. The crowd was mainly made up of white, middle aged, middle class men and women whom applauded the coffin as it past and threw flowers.

The Funeral of Baroness Margret Thatcher

The Funeral of Baroness Margret Thatcher

The Funeral of Baroness Margret Thatcher

On the whole, the crowd’s nature was respectful. The armed police did focus their attentions on one poor chap who clearly didn’t look right to them.  He also happened to be the only foreign looking chap in the sea of white faces.  I listened as they questioned him in detail and heard his life story.  He was a hard workingman who wanted to pay his respects and nothing else.  He looked so shocked to be picked out and I felt really sorry for him as everyone stared at him with menace.

The Funeral of Baroness Margret Thatcher

The Funeral of Baroness Margret Thatcher

The military element of the funeral was fascinating to watch and timed to perfection, arriving at exactly 11am with every step planned and every movement practiced.  I managed to speak to a friend of Baroness Thatcher after the ceremony was over and asked how the service went.  She said that it was ‘just how Margret would have wanted it.’  ‘Nice and simple.’  However, I’m not sure 2300 guests, 700 military, 4000 police can be called ‘Nice and simple.’  Not to forget the cost.  It was an interesting experience and one I’m glad I did, as I doubt that I’ll have the chance to do it again.  I doubt many of our politicians will get such an honor.


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Olympic Flame…

Today was the day that the Olympic flame passed at the end of my road.  It certainly made it easy to get to.  The flame arrived on the Woolwich ferry at 10.10am and then made its way towards me and the waiting crowds that were smaller than I expected for a once in a lifetime event.

Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay

The young girl that was carrying the torch looked so happy and proud to be doing so it made me feel all patriotic.  It was such a shame that the moment passed by so quickly.


The rest of the set can be seen on my Flickr page at

Riot Unreported…

After the worst night of rioting in living memory, London this morning wakes up to the remains of cars, home and businesses destroyed by mindless thugs. For me, it was a waste of time going to work. Not because my business was damaged but because the customers simply kept away. People were scared for their safety and only ventured out for distress purchases and things that they can’t live without.

The most striking thing was all the peoples stories that have been told to me today. Most acts of violence don’t get reported and those who commit crimes either get caught or not, however if a major supermarket had 50 people break into it and steal all the electrical goods, that would be very big news. However, that is something that did happen last night and it went un-reported. Major shopping areas like East Ham, Barking, Romford and Ilford had riots in their towns but the press failed to mention it. A retail park security guard was beaten up and slashed with a knife because these idiots felt that he would have the keys to all the shops. He’s alive but in hospital recovering from his injuries. None of these and many more stories have gone unreported in the press and in some cases, unsupported by the police who were clearly dealing with even bigger issues.

However, this changed a little today. A few thugs tried to cause trouble and when I called the police, I had a Terminator 2 moment. When asked, how many people arrived, I said, ” All of the I think” Very impressed with the response and I’m told by some of the officers that things will be different tonight. Lets hope so. I certainly love seeing those pictures of people cleaning up the city together.

Boarding Up

However, it would appear that it’s another night of terror in the UK and Manchester appears to be having its turn tonight. All my business can do now is close early and board up the windows and just get through tonights events.


London Riots…

The London riots are shocking and up to today, something I watched on TV and updated on Twitter or Facebook. However, all that changed today when I had to evacuate my business due to the threat of attack. The threat was real and actually happend to a business across the retail park, causing thousands of pounds of damage and stealing thousands of pounds of stock with knifes and baseball bats.

London Riot

I managed to evacuate before it happened to me and my team are out safe and sound. I know that the riot police are out trying to deal with it but their is a clear lack of direct action being taken. I’m watching the 24 hour news channel and it would appear that London is falling to the scum of society and nobody is taking charge in prevent it.

London Riot

As Tottenham, Enfield, Hackney, Peckham, Beckton, Ilford, Barking, Croydon are appearing on the news with burning cars, hoodies with rocks and masks across their face, I’m starting to wonder where will it go next and when will it end?

London Riot

I sent a message to Number 10 on Twitter moments ago asking for action to be taken.  I firmly believe that the Army need to take control.  I’m not sure its too much to shoot looters and the scum of the earth destroying London right now.  The kids that have been hanging around the streets being anti-social for the past 10 years or so are now clearly out in the open and now need to be taken out of our society. If animals attack like this we would do the same. These are not people but animals and should be dealt with in the same way.

The right to protest is just that. A right.  But what we see here tonight is trouble making animals that want anarchy and a free TV.

Come on Prime Minister.

David Cameron - The Mall

Get your arse back from holiday and take charge.



Amy Winehouse Dead…

It’s such a sad, sad waste of life and talent when so many artists die young. At the age of 27 I’m certain she had much more to give the world with her unique sound.

Amy Winehouse

Back to Black is one of those amazing albums that when I first listened to it I was hooked and listened to every track over and over again. Like Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Robert Johnson, all of which died at the same age, Amy Winehouse will be dearly missed but her sound and troubled life will be remembered forever.


DAVID CAMERON – THE MALL, originally uploaded by MOLIBLOG.

David Cameron made a visit to the crowds along The Mall… The worlds press flew towards him but sadly for them, I was first on the scene. His bodyguards and the massive amounts of press and public kept me there regardless if I wanted to be, It gave me a rare chance to get some great shots of our Prime Minister…



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Wedding Prep…

It would be wrong for me not to mention the royal wedding on Friday, after all, everyone else has.

Walking around the route today, I can understand why over 2 billion people worldwide will be watching the big day. The media are everywhere. Covering every angle, with Lights, Cables, Cameras, Reporters, Satellite trucks and Photographers.


To make everything look great there are Jet washers, Gravel movers, Bin removers, Tree planters, Road sweepers and Union flags everywhere.


To make things safe there are Police, More Police, Helicopters, Soldiers and I’m guessing MI5.

The amount of foreign media was amazing. America leads the way with a reporter on every street asking every passing family why are they there and what does the royal wedding mean to them and their children, especially the ones eating an ice cream. Japan did well too but the language barrier was clearly making things difficult for them. Woyal Redding!!! Oh goodness.


Right outside the Abbey the loyal royalist have already parked themselves outside with tents and camping chairs.


Ladbrokes were taking bets on what colour hat the Queen will wear and if Kate will be late.


A man that walks the streets of London drinking his life away with Special Brew told me that normally when he starts to lie on the floor in Westminster he either gets arrested or moved along. Now he can pump up an airbed outside Westminster abbey, surrounds himself with beer and cigarettes and he gets left alone and subsequently interviewed by Sky News on his thoughts.


“ I’m just here for the booze darlin”

I noticed Terri Seymour, Simon Cowels ex girlfriend doing some presenting and interviewing for NBC. Mostly talking drivel about Kate Middleton’s style and fashion and how long the kiss will be.

Terri Seymour

I then came across Marco Pierre White lost in his Range Rover around Buckingham Palace and then getting in trouble with the police for parking in the wrong place.

Marco Pierre White

I’m planning on taking pictures on Friday but I’m actually worried that I won’t be able to get anywhere close to the carriages for a decent shot. The crowds of people were already uncomfortable two days before.

So, watch this space and see how I get on.

Invasion Scum…


The east end of London has been my home since birth. It has seen many changes with its identity and outlook and the changes have come in some very small ways and some very big ones. The big changes can be seen in the London Docklands area, which was once a centre of commerce bringing fruit, tobacco and alcohol into the capital. The docks and the river Thames also had a reputation for bad smells. However, the transportation of cargo into docklands came to an end when Tilbury docks opened and adopted the newly invented container system of cargo transportation. This ultimately caused the docks to die in the late 70’s and early 80’s leaving an empty wasteland that has was resurrected in the 90’s into a place for international finance and a great place for me to live. However, the smaller changes are the more concerning. I’m not talking about immigration, as this has always been a founding element of the east end and Throughout history, the area has absorbed waves of immigrants who have each added a new dimension to the culture and history of the area without destroying the existing culture around it. However this has started to change recently. Robins Pie mash shop in East Ham has closed down after trading since 1890.


This is not the first pie mash shop to close as Goddard’s in Greenwich closed down after trading for nearly 150 years being replaced with a burger chain. However, where Goddard’s closure was as a result of a greedy landlord and a cracking rental offer from Gourmet Burger, Robins was due to it’s location being infested with what can only be described as scum. The shops are indicative of this scum being populated with pound shops, stalls selling corn in a pot, international calling cards, Dixie fried chicken shops, pizza by the slice and several Kebabish kebab emporiums. It’s no surprise that Marks and Spencer pulled out years earlier and I doubt that these institutions will return to the area any time soon. Subsequently a traditional east end pub called ‘The Hammers’ has now closed down.


This however maybe more due to the economic crisis but I’m sure the changes in the area did nothing to aid business and is yet another nail in the coffin for the traditional east end.

I’ve decided now to never go back to East Ham. It’s a disgusting place and I like many others surrender it to the hordes of scum that have taken over. I wonder where the line will be drawn?

On a lighter note, Today I noticed a Tate and Lyle truck with a spill kit attached to the side…. What does it contain? Tea and a dash of milk?

Until next time,