Blog 4


Well, so far nobody is reading this blog. So I could write whatever I want and nobody would care.


I had a good day off on Tuesday. Woke up really late… 12.30pm and felt great for it. Had some breakfast and went into town.

I arrived in Piccadilly via green park and went into the Burlington Arcade. This is an old fashioned place that has a touch of class and inside was a store called, POLISTAS which is a Polo clothing store with some good looking clothes that Hackett have copied for years. Inside I met a very sexy shop assistant called Caroline whom I chatted to for ages. She then offered me a pint of Guinness… After all it was St Patricks days and it would be rude not to. Having not eaten for ages it went to my head… Just not enough to part with a lifetimes of cash in exchange for polo gear. After all, I’m not really built for Polo am I?

I continued to have a walk about and then went into Fortnum and Mason. As I walked around the tea section I bumped into the actor Stephen Tompkinson and we chatted about his series WILD AT HEART and his hope to get a new series. Nice guy and very down to earth.

I let him get on with his shopping only to bumped into the great british movie actor Bill Nighy. He was really odd and I kept the conversation to a minimum… Dark glasses indoors… Very Holywood…

I had to get to BAFTA for a talk being given by the writer Russell T Davies. Such a nice man and very smart. His insights into TV and the media were fascinating. Not to mention having access to the man that brought back DOCTOR WHO and created TORCHWOOD.

I took some pictures of him and I think BAFTA maybe interested in using them. Fingers crossed.

Please feel free to comment…

Please feel free to comment…

Bye for now,


Blog 3

Hi All,

Well this is my third blog and I can see that one or two people have read it which is a shame. Can you tell me who you are?

So, what have I been doing. Well on Friday I visited Borough Market and walked around the stalls. If you have never been its well worth the visit. The smells and tastes on offer are amazing. A great place to get lost in and the chance to travel back in time. I love it.

Afterwards I visited “FISH” which is located in the middle of the market. The Cod and Chips were amazing. Very fresh and full of flavour. The only sting in the tale was the price. £20 without drinks!!!

Not sure it was really worth the price but as an experience, WOW!!!

Afterwards I needed to pop into Selfridges. Great store with everything under one roof. I picked up a Potato Ricer, 2 bottles of Chocolate beer from the Meantime brewery and an oil burner for my outside table. Now, the burner was sexy and when I got it home and set it up, it had a flame like a rocket motor. Not sure I was meant to fill it up so high but at least I managed to keep my eyebrows!!!

In the evening I visited my godchildren and their parents, along with another couple of other friends, also godparents. We had some laughs, ate some pizza and chatted for ages. I had a really good time and it is was good to see the twins getting bigger.

Saturday was a wash out. Didn’t feel too well. No, not due to all the food that I’ve managed to eat in a short period of time but I’m sure it didn’t help much. I stayed at home and watched a couple of BluerRay films on my home cinema. iRobot and Kill Bill 2. Both looked and sounded great.

Sunday was spent like most Sundays. Over my parents, gettting waited on and fed. After all, I’m a growing lad. Sideways but still growing.

Monday, back to work and my new role as Manager. Much the same as my old role as Manager but this time with a different coloured badge. Well, it would be but I’m still wearing my old one until the new one comes in. It does feel a bit odd but I’ll find my feet. I hope.

To top it off, given my over eating and drinking, I’m on the slim fast diet. Drink two shakes that make you feel ill and you won’t eat for ages. Or something like that anyway.

Highlight of the last couple of days. Kim Henwood, now Gates made contact after 12 years apart. An old school friend that I has such good laughs with and a fondness for Baby Bio… Long story!!!

Facebook is great for finding new and old friends. Just wish those buggers would leave it alone. Can’t find a bloody thing and I see no point joining another group to change it back to the way it was before it was changed and we asked for that to be changed back to the way that was. I can’t even remember how it looked at first. Oh that’s right. It was called, write a letter and post it!!!

Please let me know if you read this…



Blog 2


it’s 9pm and I’ve just got home from lunch out with a friend.

What can I say but it was a long lunch… With a few beers, cocktails, shorts and so on…

It’s a shame that the whole day was spent drinking and eating… 🙂

We went to the O2 which was empty due to a Tina Turner concert being cancelled. Tina had flu… According the the lovely bar woman, Ntoya…

Food was very expensive but an experience. We went to Rodizio Rico, which is a Brazilian restaurant. Strange idea. The waiters just kept bringing meat on a stick over until we was full. Steak, chicken, sausages, garlic bread, ham and many many more. It was fairly random and a bit like food rape. How do you say no to a man holding a big knife and asking you to have his meat!!!

Once this was over, then came the meat shakes… And the need to sleep… Which is where I’m going right now…

What fun will tomorrow bring?


My first blog…


Well this is my first blog and I have no idea what to write but I thought it was a good idea about 5 mins ago.

I’m on holiday for this week. What a week so far…

It’s very unlike my last holiday which was so boring I wanted to pull my eyes out and I had no money to go anywhere. This holiday has been fairly busy.

On Friday I went to see my friend Nipul and his family. We had a meal at a HARVESTER which was not great. My first visit and my last. I loved spending time with his family and I stayed over. Didn’t sleep much but who needs sleep.

The next day we planned to go to Freeport, which is a shopping village in Braintree. Before this Nipul wanted to get his hair cut at a new salon in Chelmsford. I’ve never seen him smile so much as the leggy blonde hairdresser came over. Turned out she was glamour model in her spare time. Result!!! I know where I want to get my hair cut from now on. 🙂 However, her beauty wasn’t matched with her brains and the topics were limited… I noticed another stunning hairdresser that had an amazing smile and a great personalty. As usual, I was too scared to say anything but what a salon.

Anyway, we went to Freeport which was a little dull really and then a bland lunch at Aroma. If it wasn’t for the company, I would have had one of those falling down moments. Okay, I would have needed a gun for it to really work but you get my drift. I managed to get a couple of Denby noodle bowls from one of the store which cost £10 each and drove home. Upon opening my boot, the bowls jumped out in a bid to escape being over filled with noodles and smashed into little bits on the street. I think the first word I said was, Bollocks. Which makes me think that when the end comes, that will be my last words…

Sunday was relaxing, spending time with my parents and doing nothing.

Monday I got recallled from my holiday to find out my fate in the great recession of the 21st century. So far so good. I’ve managed to keep my job at the same time, so many good people didn’t. In some places it was a bloodbath and I’m going to miss hearing and seeing them all. Times are tough and I’m glad to be valued. I just need to have faith in myself and try and do the best job I can.

Today was a wasted day. I had to get the cars MOT done. Before this I had to sort out a small problem caused by me… Either way, it cost me £266 and I will try and be more careful in future. It’s strange how grown men turn into kids when talking about my car… These guys see them everyday but when you love them you love them…

I managed to lay a 21year old demon to rest today. I needed to say something I meant to say a long time ago… Time to move on.

God, it’s only Tuesday… What will the rest of the week have in store?

I know this. It’s boring in the evenings with nobody to talk to and all the TV, FILMS and BOOKS all completed.

Hay ho!!! Bring on the Trumpets…