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So I tweeted the President of the United States the other day. Needless to say he completely ignored my suggestion to slow down the speed of his actions and start to reassure the American people. I had to double check how long he’s been in office. Was it 12, 18 or 24 months? Actually it was 2 weeks and according to FAKE new CNN, (Trumps opinion, not mine) A majority of those polled, 53%, disapprove of the way the President is handling his job.


This is the highest disapproval for a new elected president since polls began tracking those results. Trump is the only President to hold a net-negative rating this early in his tenure. CNN continues, Overall, 44% approve of the way he’s handling the job, seven points below the previous low-point of 51%. Further, the share who disapprove “strongly” of Trump’s work as president is nearly as large as the total block who approve, 43% feel intensely negative about Trump. The 90 day travel ban is clearly the most upsetting executive order for the majority of Americans and for people far beyond America but I worry that while the world screams and protests nothing is getting changed and those sick fucks ISIS are laughing at how Trump has become their chief recruiting officer.

As I write this, the travel ban has just been overturned, with Homeland security reverting to its previous rules and Trump is fuming apparently. I doubt the reverted rules will last long and having an angry Trump could lead to more drastic behavior and more heads rolling and I doubt he will let it go that easy. If he doesn’t start to listen to the people soon, this presidency will not only feel like an eternity but the world maybe changed permanently for the worst.

I didn’t want to blog about Trump again so soon but with so much turmoil in such a short time I had to say something. So, slow down Mr Trump and listen. If not to me but to the millions of people crying out for you to be better, to make America great again. I always thought it was great however. It has its issues but improving things and making life better for your people should be a legacy a nation is proud of and not ashamed. I see no advantage in being the best if the cost is creating more enemies and isolating your country and people from the wider world your nation was originally built on.


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